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Belgard Retaining Walls

Old Manor Collection

Smooth with gently tumbled edges

With Old Manor Wall, you can create decorative pillars, columns, planters, steps and landscape retaining walls with old world charm. The fl exible design can be installed in random positions to create a cobble stone appearance.

Here's a clean contemporary look achieved with an antiqued wall stone.

The versatility of Old Manor Wall allows you to create both steps
and columns with equal ease.

Shapes and Styles

Old Manor Specifications
Per Cube
Per Cube
4" 8" 12" 120 3600 lbs.


Note: Actual color may vary. To assure your total satisfaction, visit your local Belgard® Dealer.

  • Maximum wall height is 2½ feet. Walls exceeding 2 1/2 feet in height may require geogrid reinforcing and the consultation of a qualifi ed engineer. Contact your Belgard sales representative or dealer for assistance.
  • Old Manor units must be glued with a quality construction epoxy to develop the necessary mechanical bond.
  • All measurements herein are approximate.
  • Natural materials are used in the manufacturing of this product. Color variations can be expected. For actual color, request a color sample.