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Belgard Retaining Walls

Countryside® Collection

A versatile low wall solution

A versatile low wall solution, Countryside can be used to create both free-standing and soil retention walls. It is available in a rich beige/charcoal color blend that serves to enhance the block's unique face texture.

Countryside is ideal for low patio surrounds or seating.

Countryside makes for a great looking garden wall.

Shapes and Styles

Countryside Wall Specifications
Per Cube
Per Cube
4" 8" 6" / 9" 120 3085 lbs.

Minimum radius is 25 inches. Maximum wall height is 3 feet.
All measurements are approximate.

4" x 8" x 6"/9"


Note: Actual color may vary. To assure your total satisfaction, visit your local Belgard® Dealer.

Note: Should you have any questions concerning maximum, recommended wall height, please contact your Belgard dealer or representative.